Saturday, October 28, 2006

more IFs

you go more places with your swim bag than not.
you thought about going as a swimmer for Halloween.
pretty much all your conversation revolves around swimming.
you are excited to hear that a friend got an autograph from Michael Phelps' trainer.
you wish day lights saving time would come at 7:00pm instead of 3:00am, so you could have an extra hour of practice.
when someone askes you what's the time, you say "on the 1:15"
When you are stiff, you strech by streamlining

more to come later

You Know You're A Swim Geek IF...

you are comfortable wearing spandex in public.
you know what board shorts are.
boys/girls in spandex don't faze you.
you spend more time at the pool then at home.
you like your coach better than you parents.
you accidently called your coach dad/mom.
you called your coach dad/mom on purpose.
when you hear the word "butterfly" you think "I'm going to be soo tired."
you don't mind being wet.
when someone says "UP!" you think "start." (if you dont know what i mean by that then you are NOT swim geek)
you like being at the pool better than at home, and you ARE there most of the week.
ALL your friends are swimmers
when someone says the words "200 IM" you think "aww man!"
you think calling your friends at the pool is fun.

I will put more up at some later date.